:: yoga in Amsterdam
Let me give you some idea of the uphill struggle yogayoga faced. I first participated in one of its ‘pre-beginner’s’ classes with the promising title Body Awareness, and I couldn’t keep up. Clearly, I was a pre pre-beginner. There were two solutions: either I went back to the couch, where I could be, well, vaguely aware of my body (yes, I think I can feel my legs dangling over the armrest), or I could take a private class or two.

That was three years ago, and ever since my wife and I have been spending 90 minutes a week under the expert tutelage of Leo – in my case, discovering parts of my body I never knew existed. For someone who thought an organ was something that stood blaring away on the Kalverstraat of a Saturday, it was a surprise to me to find I had several hidden under the skin. Leo even knew where they were.

What is more, I have learned to breathe through these newly discovered parts. Okay, so the breathing was rather closer to gasping at first, but gradually I have come to see how the process allows the body to integrate, to turn from a melange of disparate parts into a functioning wholeness.

You don’t have to be a pre pre-beginner to take a private class with yogayoga. At any level, the individual attention your body condition receives will amply justify the outgoings. Just think about all those treats.


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