Check out this fascinating animation, you can control the animation and even participate in an experiment.

The way we deal with gravity is like a personal signature, often unconscious. An experiment took 3 month old babies and put only 5 points of light on the mothers while they walked in the dark, so the babies only saw 5 points swinging in the dark and yet each baby recognised their mother right away. The baby recognises the mother’s rhythm, her music of organising through gravity, not only the shape of the body.

When we want to learn a movement or yoga posture, we usually try to take the shape of the movement; the teacher moves and the student takes the shape of the teacher. Before we begin a yoga posture, there’s an opportunity to address the underlying support in a very personal way. This underlying support is the way we deal with gravity.

This animation appers by courtesy of Dr. Niko Troje & may not be copied or re-produced without permission.

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